Round Up Service Charge Tax Credit Incentive

Round Up Service Charge applies a charge to purchases made in high volume transaction industries (like retail, fast food, gas stations, etc) that is the difference between the total and the next dollar. The service charges are collected and distributed to people working in the store during the time of purchase. A Walmart store associate is estimated to make about $6.25 more per hour if Walmart implimented the service charge. To encourage businesses to implement a RUSC we have a mechanism that will allow us to cover the additional payroll tax an employer would have to pay on the increase in wages and provide a tax credit while increasing federal revenue. We'll increase the wages of workers in HVTIs, we'll increase the wages of unskilled workers through labor market forces, we'll increase revenue through a greater pool of taxable income, we'll decrease spending as fewer people rely on government benefits, and we'll decrease spending through a reduced demand for newly minted coin currency. Click learn more for the details.


Balance Stimulus

It takes money to make money and many people in this country spend most of their time working jobs that meet their expenses but leave nothing left over. The Balance Stimulus is a one time lump sum payment to qualifying citizens in the bottom 50% of income earners to allow these people to position themselves to make more money by improving their human capital, acquiring capital assets, and starting businesses.

003 LIFS

Low Income Fuel Subsidy

Low Income Fuel Subsidy sets the price of fuel for people in the bottom 40% of the income distribution. Qualifying citizens in the bottom 40% of income earners will be able to submit their fuel receipts on a weekly basis and be reimbursed for the difference between their set rate for fuel and the national average

004 CEP

Centers for Economic Planning

Centers for Economic Planning are corporations owned and operated by the public that lives within the jurisdiction they are created in. Management is elected and the public has direct input and oversight into the investment strategy of the CEP. The purpose is to empower people to participate in major decisions of production, to create more and higher quality opportunities, to give all people a share in ownership of some of the businesses owned in their community, and to allow common people to participate in political investment through the profits generated from the assets owned by their CEP.

005 JLA

Just Law Amendment

The Just Law Amendment would allow criminal defendants to dispute the fairness of an offense based on the principle of net liberty. The basis for law is that we are  freer with laws than we are without laws since laws prevent imposition. Therefore laws that do not prevent imposition or can be shown to impose more than they prevent are unjust laws. A defendant will be able to create a defense in a jury trial that is based on net liberty despite evidence showing that the defendant did break the law. Since people in this country do not have a direct hand in the creation of the laws they must follow, the Just Law Amendment seeks to protect citizens from being subject to laws made by others that are unjust.

006 MDM

Media Disclaimer Mandate

The media are entities that exist to make money and they do so by attracting attention and selling advertising. This motivation influences how content is presented. The Media Disclaimer Mandate is a reminder to the public of the media’s motivation that must be displayed during broadcasts: This broadcast has not been independently verified for accuracy and will reflect the bias of the broadcaster in their efforts to attract attention and maximize profit


Lowest Paid Employee Wage Disclosure Tax Credit

Lowest Paid Employee Wage Disclosure is essentially a labeling system that will provide consumers with information about how the producers of their products are compensated. This labeling system would lead to increases in wages as companies compete with one another to attract consumers to their product through LPE competition. To encourage manufacturers to implement the label we want to offer businesses a payroll tax credit for participating.