Physical Contribution

If you have an idea for a legislative proposal, recognize a problem that may be addressed through legislation, or want to actively participate in the advancement of the OPL legislative agenda, we want to hear from you!

One Time Financial Contribution

Republicans vote for republicans, and democrats vote for democrats, but OPL voters decide elections and accomplish legislation that improves the lives of Americans. We are the only public lobbying organization who promotes legislation that serves the interests of the public, and is responsive to the public’s demands. We need the help of the public to fund these efforts. Any amount you can contribute will help to deepen our influence in areas across the country, and since our proposals are targeted at federal legislators all contributions further an agenda that benefits all people, in all states. All contributors will receive a bumper sticker, a contributor card, and the annual report showing how money was spent to further the organization's goals. Those who are able to contribute $50 or more in addition to receiving the aforementioned donor items will also receive a OPL tee shirt.